Ingredients for a Best Place to Work: Before hiring their first employee, Performance Print Services (asi/293664) co-owners Chris Wallace and Mitchell Bratton identified two core components of their personnel strategy. First, everyone would have the freedom to contribute ideas. And second, everyone would be empowered to speak honestly and openly about their job and the company.

Those ingredients, executed consistently over the years at Performance Print Services, have served the distributor and printer well, fostering a creative and forward-thinking company with unique, talented and connected team members. “We understand that our employees are the most important asset to our company and our culture, and it is our responsibility to promote and encourage our people to grow and thrive,” says Wallace, the company’s CEO.

As such, Wallace and Bratton reject the micro-management tendencies prone to stifle creativity and shackle people from feeling they’re being limited or held back. “Our team is given the latitude to perform their job with complete support from management,” Wallace says.

Top Benefits & Perks: In addition to an array of familiar employee benefits, such as health insurance, 401(k) plans and paid time off, Performance Print Services also injects fun into the workday and connects employees to the local community to enliven their outlook. Leadership has planned off-site company lunches as well as visits to one of the company’s charity partners so team members can see firsthand the impact they have.